Secant Piles

Michigan State

City: East Lansing

State: Michigan

Owner: Michigan State University

General Contractor: Barton Malow

Project Description:

Schnabel provided design build services to construct an excavation support system that was up to 57 feet deep for the new Facility for Rare Isotope Beams on the campus of Michigan State University in Lansing Michigan. Schnabel used a combination of secant piles and soldier piles with timber lagging.

The secant piles were used to cut off the ground water and served as a rigid system to allow excavation adjacent to an existing facility being used for intricate cyclotron experiments that could not withstand any vibration or movements of the facility while construction was in progress. Soldier piles and lagging were installed to support the excavation that was not adjacent to structures. Lateral support for both systems was provided by tiebacks.